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A smooth moist lip balm adding just the perfect healthy glow to your lips. ARGAN OIL lip balm is packed with vitamin E and healthy oils to deeply treat your dry and cracked lips. The high content of ARGAN oil goes into your skin and leaves your lips non greasy and just moist.

And from our make up artist Annakarin she can add that it’s just the prefect texture to give your lips a natural glow and shine without looking too glossy or unnatural. The moistness just brings out that natural colour of your lips and the soft flavours taste just mild enough for freschness.

Argan oil has a high content of vitamin E, which is vital for your skins elasticity and therefor a perfect anti wrinkle. Preventing your skin from drying out is also preventing it from ageing.

Argan oil lip balm is anti ageing but 100% natural, ecological and of cause fair trade produced.

Avaliable in two flavours. Mild mint and Grapefruit and almond oil.

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And now to something much more amusing and just adorable. The ARGAN oil comes from a tree that grown only in Morocco. The tree carries a nut. From the nut you can eighter peel it and press it for cosmetic arga oil or you can roast it and crush it for edible argan oil. Very delicious. It takes 15 kg of argan nuts to get 1 liter of PURE Argan oil. this tree is that you very ofter in the morning see goats climbing up in it.

Another amazing thing about about this tree is that goats love climbing up the tree. In the mornings as you drive the road from Marrakech to Essaouira you can see lots of them.

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in a small berber village by the foot of the atlas mountains sits Hamid. Hamid has been a carpenter since a young age. Normally he gets orders from the souk in Marrakech, and competition is hard for the jobs so the pay is not good. One day a woman walks past. She sees his attention to detail and notices a few pieces of walnut wood left over from an order of a cabinet. The woman draws some shapes of cutting boarDs on them, four pieces . She pays good and leaves. One month later she comes back and orders 100 pieces. She says the Swedes loves the cutting boards. Hamid is very happy. He doesn’t exactly know where Sweden is but feels proud to be appriciated for his work. He is getting more money and instead of sitting on the floor working, him and his brother invests in some chairs and also electricity to their workshop so that they can work at night. The next month the woman comes back and orders 1000 pieces. Hamid now for the first time in his life has a little extra money. The whole family has a job, they can buy food, even some clothing for the winter and they can afford to go to the doctor if someone gets ill.

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Cutting board with tiles copy



We have made som vital changes to Moroccan ceramic.

Since two years back we have been revolutionalizing Moroccan ceramic together with our talented ceramic producer in Morocco. Moroccan ceramic is traditionally from a clay burned at a very low temperature, which means that a lot of the lead naturally in the clay is still there when the product is finished, it aslo means that the finished ceramic will crack and still be very fragile. It also means that the artisan workers will be inhaling a lot of lead from the traditionally used ceramic glaze.

This is all how NOMADIC  ceramic is different:

We have imported a European clay by ourselves to Morocco which is now used in our our own production. The clay is burned at 1150 degrees The result:

06-a product that does not chip easily

-a product that does not crack or become damaged when you drink coffee from it.

-a product that is dishwasher and micro safe.

-a beautifully naturally white colour where no colour is added to the product before painting.

–  most of all we are happy to announce that the workers don’t have to be exposed to toxins anymore. which is one step towards our goal of a safer and healthier work environment in the production.

So out of they clay we now produce all or our ceramic. Some traditionally moroccan and some scandinavian design. It may look like other moroccan ceramic but for sure it is very different.

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We also pro due a beautiful range of Moroccan bathroom sinks from this clay.

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Våra oljor har redan blivit populära på marknaden.Nu ökar vi därför produktserien med en litersförpackning endast för professionellt bruk. Är du massör, frisör, healer, sjukgymnast så kan du nu köpa oljan i litersflaska med pump. Oljan finns i sina vanliga 4 milda dofter av eterisk olja samt en naturell. Naturligt doftar arganoljan väldigt nötigt och inte så gott, därför har vi valt att ta fram dofter enligt ayurvediska principer. Endast högvibrerande eteriska oljor tillsätts och de fyra dofterna har kompletterande egenskaper som går djupt på energinivå. Du kan också välja att få oljan naturell om du hellre vill blanda dina egna dofter.

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Tipsa gärna dina vänner i branschen eller varför inte din massör!

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