It is so hugely rewarding to see people grow.

Two years ago we started working with a ceramic factory in Marrakech. The factory is owned by a talented man who since a young age was working in ceramic production. He has so much passion and an incredible knowledge about his work but not so many opportunities. Why? Simple. Lack of education led him to not understand business so well, lack of education stopped him from being bale to organize the orders well and there for his capacity was so limited. Lack of capital to invest. Lack of knowledge about trends, international requirements. So a hell of a knowledge and so much passion but not much else.
The story in short: We teamed up, educated his staff, helped him understand how to plan the orders, worked on the quality and when all that was in place and the orders were rolling in due to a much improved quality compared to traditional Moroccan ceramic we also invested in new ovens so we could speed up the orders.

Today he is one of the best if not the best producer in Marrakech. A small support that has made a big difference to him and the people around him.

A lot is spoken about helping people in their own countries. Well this is one good effective way of empowering people.

See his ceramic here. 



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