A smooth moist lip balm adding just the perfect healthy glow to your lips. ARGAN OIL lip balm is packed with vitamin E and healthy oils to deeply treat your dry and cracked lips. The high content of ARGAN oil goes into your skin and leaves your lips non greasy and just moist.

And from our make up artist Annakarin she can add that it’s just the prefect texture to give your lips a natural glow and shine without looking too glossy or unnatural. The moistness just brings out that natural colour of your lips and the soft flavours taste just mild enough for freschness.

Argan oil has a high content of vitamin E, which is vital for your skins elasticity and therefor a perfect anti wrinkle. Preventing your skin from drying out is also preventing it from ageing.

Argan oil lip balm is anti ageing but 100% natural, ecological and of cause fair trade produced.

Avaliable in two flavours. Mild mint and Grapefruit and almond oil.

Shop now at Arganoils





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