Vi är så passionerat förälskade i vår giftfria keramik. Om du är en häslofreak precis som vi som ligger steget före i vad hälsovården förbjuder så är denna toppen. Innehåller inget bly vilket är dra för dej när du serverar varma drycker o mat i men framför allt för våra hantverkare som står i glasyren 8 timmar om dagen.

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Nu är mer av vår keramik upplagd i webshopen här.


All vår Marockanska keramik bränns på 1150 grader och innehåller en blyfri glasyr.



Yesterday I spent the whole morning at Anna Goutevas workshop in Malmö. Anna is a talented and very inspiring florist with deep knowledge about Flowers, planting and perfect combinations. She fell in love with our new Comptoire serie and I again fell in love with her beautiful workshop at Saltimporten.

gouteva 1

We talked about dimensions of a perfect pot and what shapes and designs compliments the plants and flowers. In general a pot should be one third of the plant. Some pot we found wonderful quirky combinations. Such as our Nomad ceramic from Sahara. Got to love these green pots handmade by a nomad family in the desert. My favorit place to be.



Some of our pots just landed beautifully on Annas shelves. Don’t they just look great!!

gouteva 2

Tonight Annas workshop is open for an inspirational night. This time it is fully booked but keep an eye out for future events.

Thanks Anna for a great inspiring morning. It was just lovely to hear your thoughts and share your expertise on flowers pots and combinations.



One of the important things I have learnt from the nomads is to really use up every thing you take from the nature for a good cause. Accepting zero waste in what we take and try to give as much back as possible.

So I started working with these olive farmers. They take the sqeezed out fruit that is left after making Ecological olive oil. And really there is quite a bit left. A lot of good fruit, packed with juicy nutrients, fatty acids and great stuff. From this left over olives they make a soap. The soap is called Black soap. It has wonderful healing and cleansing benefits for the skin. We then mix that with a high content of the best PURE ARGAN oil and Voila. You have the NOMADIC ESSENTIALS body soap.

It is quickly becoming a favorit of our customers. The sopa is a delight for your body and you know what. The content of argan oil is so high that you don´t need to use a moisturiser afterwards.

Emails are dropping in every day from clients commenting on this wonderful product.

Available here in two scents, natural, the soap in itself spell good or with our favorit Lemongrass and sandalwood.




Woke up at six this morning. Did a wonderful strong yoga session. Ahh feeling blissful. Listened to a wonderful seminar on heart communications by Christian Pankhurst If you want to improve your relationships check him out. Seminars are a great way to set your mental state for the day. 10-15 minutes for boosting your mind and energy field.

Sid woke up in his own time and we have a joyful morning dance on the kitchen carpet. laughing so hard, imagining dinosaurs on the loft and we were escaping dancers. How is that for getting creativity going 🙂

Now breakfast and cartoons on the big cushions.

No time to catch, no time to waste no doing just joyful living. Modern day NOMAD.



Yesterday I spend a lovely  afternoon at this place. Enjoying a good lunch and a catch up with my friend Rachida. Amazing how kids and business sometimes make you not see a lovely ones for too long. Had lots of catching up to do.

La pailotte is a woderful restaurant just outside Marrakech, just by the Oasiria water park. About a 15 minutes cab ride from the medina. A great place to stay if you are traveling with kids.

The lunch was jus gorgeous. French-meditaranian menu. The interior was safari style-lush- Africa meets morocco. I love this!! Lots of tadelakt. confortable-lounge-feeling, great indoor and outdoor spaces.