One of the important things I have learnt from the nomads is to really use up every thing you take from the nature for a good cause. Accepting zero waste in what we take and try to give as much back as possible.

So I started working with these olive farmers. They take the sqeezed out fruit that is left after making Ecological olive oil. And really there is quite a bit left. A lot of good fruit, packed with juicy nutrients, fatty acids and great stuff. From this left over olives they make a soap. The soap is called Black soap. It has wonderful healing and cleansing benefits for the skin. We then mix that with a high content of the best PURE ARGAN oil and Voila. You have the NOMADIC ESSENTIALS body soap.

It is quickly becoming a favorit of our customers. The sopa is a delight for your body and you know what. The content of argan oil is so high that you don´t need to use a moisturiser afterwards.

Emails are dropping in every day from clients commenting on this wonderful product.

Available here in two scents, natural, the soap in itself spell good or with our favorit Lemongrass and sandalwood.




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