Yesterday I spent the whole morning at Anna Goutevas workshop in Malmö. Anna is a talented and very inspiring florist with deep knowledge about Flowers, planting and perfect combinations. She fell in love with our new Comptoire serie and I again fell in love with her beautiful workshop at Saltimporten.

gouteva 1

We talked about dimensions of a perfect pot and what shapes and designs compliments the plants and flowers. In general a pot should be one third of the plant. Some pot we found wonderful quirky combinations. Such as our Nomad ceramic from Sahara. Got to love these green pots handmade by a nomad family in the desert. My favorit place to be.



Some of our pots just landed beautifully on Annas shelves. Don’t they just look great!!

gouteva 2

Tonight Annas workshop is open for an inspirational night. This time it is fully booked but keep an eye out for future events.

Thanks Anna for a great inspiring morning. It was just lovely to hear your thoughts and share your expertise on flowers pots and combinations.



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