Morocco is known all over the world for its magnificent luxury, palace like interiors. Places with artful  homes and hotels with superb comfort and every lush detail you can possibly imagine. 1001 nights, Casablanca, Yves saint Laurent are some of the things we associate with Morocco.

But somehow the truth very often looks different. As in all of Africa most people live a very simple life.

I love hanging out with the people that we work with. I love getting to know their wives and their families. I love sitting eating a home cooked tajine on a simple cushion. 10 family members on the floor round a huge plate of couscous. But never even have I come across a moroccan that has a home like any of what we see in these amazing pictures in the guidebook. Even the people with a little bit more money.

My theory about the moroccan world famous style is that it is a adaptation from Spain and Provence. The moroccans don’t even like the style we see as moroccan.

Welcome to see what the reality looks like for many Moroccans. One or two rooms, small spaces, a few carpets and cushions on the floor, One cabinet of things for the whole family. No  mather how poor always a TV though or two or three. And wonderful Moroccan ceramic…. no. check out food picture, this guy works in one of our best ceramic factories and can afford it all but eats on made in china plastic. And in the ceiling there is often just one light bulb hanging down in the cord so no moroccan artisana fairy tale lamps.

Love this though. Love my life here. from luxury hotels to simple life. And keep supporting us. We always try to inspire our workers to make their dream homes, enough comfort, safe and healthy and most of all owning their own for financial freedom.




Today I went treasure hunting with my friend from Mali. Had a great time looking through private antique stocks to find rare pieces.

Found this old mask of wood decorated with brass. And these lovely wooden boards hand painted with Islamic art.

nomadic finds interior goodies


I Also bought some vases from our great nomad families. Perfectly un-perfect shapes and the colours… well This is just so amazing.

nomadic goodies

Ended the day on a roof terrasse and a great sun set. You can just about see the montains in the back.  Thank god for these brilliant roof tops after a day in the souk. .

marrakech skyline







New awesome trips coming up with NOMADIC ESSENTIALS and Annakarin Sjöberg. Ever wondered when your time will come to experience the real authentic Morocco, do yoga in the desert and do some shopping with Annakarin as a guide.

6-13 october 2016, Creative co working space and TED X talks in Marrakech. Come along if you want to meet inspiring people living their dream life. Yoga on the terrasse, healthy juices and get a change to progress in your project.

29 dec 2016-2 jan 2017, New year desert retreat. Together with people from all over the world and Nomads from the desert this unique opportunity to celebrate life and the new year is coming along.

April 2017, 5 days yoga retreat in Marrakech. Kundaliniyoga mixed with city exploring and real Moroccan behind the scenes visits.

November 2017. Our famous desert yoga retreat with Kundalini yoga, lead by our favorite teachers Annki Warberg Landahl And Klas Landahl. 10 days of inward and outward adventure.



More informations on the trips coming up soon. Contact:



Varför jag säljer mattor när jag jobbar med socialt ansvars full handel?? Jo. I bergen där mattorna en gång är producerade är befolkningen fortfarande väldigt fattiga. Mattorna, nyproducerade och antika är ett perfekt sätt för dem att kunna bo kvar i sin landsbyggs men kunna tjäna en bra försörjning. Så jag reser upp i bergen, handlar direkt från kvinnorna. De får mycket mer än om en lokal uppköpare hade köpt dem, dvs mellanhanden, jag får första chinch på de bästa mattorna eftersom jag betalar mer och ni kan därmed köpa fina äkta Benis och samtidigt veta att pengarna går till behövande människor.

Just nu fler mattor utlagda i shoppen.

Marockanska mattor


Ändå från Sahara öknen kommer detta vackra stämningsfulla annorlunda partytält som vi hyr ut med full inredning till alla er som önskar en enkel men unik fest.

Tältet kommer fullt inrett med mattor, puffar, låga bord o bänkar, lyktor, keramikfat, eldstäder och till o med magdansöser o vattenpipor om så önskas.

De som har hyrt det upplever det som en otroligt enkelt sätt att ordna en unik fest. En fest som vänner o familj garanterat inte kommer att glömma. Med tältet på plats behöver du inte göra så mycket. Vi kan även rekommendera catering till dej om du önskar.

Tältet kan sättas upp på stranden, i din trädgård, utanför festlokalen som en mysig lounge. Datum finns lediga för i sommar. Och vi hyr även ut bara inredning.

kontakta oss på


nomadic, carry all essentials jpgPart of Nomaic essentials development work is to coach young artists to become their absolute best. Thiis talented guy is called Bouchta. When we first met him he had a tiny workshop in a not so good end of the souk. We saw his happy face and decided that he was the one. So Annakairn sat down with him intensely for a week to teach him about stitching details and how to think business and orders.

bouchta produktion

Today he creates all our bags. Both the one of pieces RAW clutch, created from old carpets from the souk. We do a vegan version and one with luxury goat leather.

He also makes this lovely NOMADIC carry all your essentials bag. A sharp, stylish and very practial bag to carry laptop, folders, an extra cardigan and make up bag.

Today Bouchta has been able to more into a bigger workshop in a better area in the souk and has two employees. He is now in a much better position to have a successful business. Well done Bouchta!

If you want to support him order your luxury leather bag


Morning walk, shopping and exploring.

Waking up before the city and playing

Early morning shopping with my antique dealers from the desert. Great guys. Always a big smile, ready to haggle. Good to do some research on the prices before to know what a fair deal is. Love these chairs from west Africa. Hard to find in these large sizes. But I love them.

Now of to the beach to catch the surf.