Flew into Essaouira this morning for a few days relaxation and creative space. Working on a new ceramic serie and where is better to do it than in this relaxing old beautiful city. Essaouira is the place where artists like Jimmy Henricks and Cat Stevens used to hang out in. It is a great alternative to Marrakech, much smaller, it is by the sea, even though the water is always cold and it tends to be windy it is still a great place to hang out for a few days. The wind has its bonuses for all people that like surfing too.

For shopping, there is most things here to buy. Carpets, antiques, ceramic. Less to offer than Marrakech and tend to be a little more expensive.

For me its great to get away from busy Marrakech. I flew from Sweden via London with easy jet. The ticket was 30€ one way!! Try to beat that!!

So today  I went to the beach, hang out with some fishermen, walked around the city and started relaxing into the creative side of a new ceramic collection. Berber inspiration. Coming out in the fall.



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