nomadic, carry all essentials jpgPart of Nomaic essentials development work is to coach young artists to become their absolute best. Thiis talented guy is called Bouchta. When we first met him he had a tiny workshop in a not so good end of the souk. We saw his happy face and decided that he was the one. So Annakairn sat down with him intensely for a week to teach him about stitching details and how to think business and orders.

bouchta produktion

Today he creates all our bags. Both the one of pieces RAW clutch, created from old carpets from the souk. We do a vegan version and one with luxury goat leather.

He also makes this lovely NOMADIC carry all your essentials bag. A sharp, stylish and very practial bag to carry laptop, folders, an extra cardigan and make up bag.

Today Bouchta has been able to more into a bigger workshop in a better area in the souk and has two employees. He is now in a much better position to have a successful business. Well done Bouchta!

If you want to support him order your luxury leather bag


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