Morocco is known all over the world for its magnificent luxury, palace like interiors. Places with artful  homes and hotels with superb comfort and every lush detail you can possibly imagine. 1001 nights, Casablanca, Yves saint Laurent are some of the things we associate with Morocco.

But somehow the truth very often looks different. As in all of Africa most people live a very simple life.

I love hanging out with the people that we work with. I love getting to know their wives and their families. I love sitting eating a home cooked tajine on a simple cushion. 10 family members on the floor round a huge plate of couscous. But never even have I come across a moroccan that has a home like any of what we see in these amazing pictures in the guidebook. Even the people with a little bit more money.

My theory about the moroccan world famous style is that it is a adaptation from Spain and Provence. The moroccans don’t even like the style we see as moroccan.

Welcome to see what the reality looks like for many Moroccans. One or two rooms, small spaces, a few carpets and cushions on the floor, One cabinet of things for the whole family. No  mather how poor always a TV though or two or three. And wonderful Moroccan ceramic…. no. check out food picture, this guy works in one of our best ceramic factories and can afford it all but eats on made in china plastic. And in the ceiling there is often just one light bulb hanging down in the cord so no moroccan artisana fairy tale lamps.

Love this though. Love my life here. from luxury hotels to simple life. And keep supporting us. We always try to inspire our workers to make their dream homes, enough comfort, safe and healthy and most of all owning their own for financial freedom.



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