Just finished a long but great day.

Got up at five to do some work and prepare the house. Sid was so patient and wonderful. Though I have made a very healthy promise to never let him suffer from both parents being self employed I really had to make it work this morning. So put him in the car at 7 am, pampered with an on the road breakfast of fresh fruits and favourite bread. Off we go. Start packing the nomad tent, pick up the staff, hoover the last of the carpets from Saturday nights nomadic wedding, pick up a trailer, load the trailer, see a client picking up some deliveries for her shop. Off to Malmö to put the tent up. Quickly home to do some hair and make up for a wedding. Yes, crammed all my talents into one day. Feeling blessed.

Sid in the car giving me thumbs up for the great breakfast.

sid i bilenThe nomadic tent is a 50 meter square beautiful creation straight from Sahara. We can create the most amazing parties in it. First shot is from a wedding last Saturday and next one is from todays graduation party.




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