Denna underbara Marockanska keramik som bara blir vackrare och vackrare ju  mer man blandar och samlar och njuter av den, serverar sallader och maträtter på den, har den framme, ställer den på hyllorna, ger den i present. Ibland tänker jag: När tröttnar folk? Men jag får hela tiden svaret från folk: – Aldrig!! Den har nästan kommit så långt in i Svenska folkhemmet att den snart kan kallas en Svensk klassiker. kanske var det precis det vi Svenskar behövde efter alla år av rent, enfärgat, trä och vitmålat.




Today I went treasure hunting with my friend from Mali. Had a great time looking through private antique stocks to find rare pieces.

Found this old mask of wood decorated with brass. And these lovely wooden boards hand painted with Islamic art.

nomadic finds interior goodies


I Also bought some vases from our great nomad families. Perfectly un-perfect shapes and the colours… well This is just so amazing.

nomadic goodies

Ended the day on a roof terrasse and a great sun set. You can just about see the montains in the back.  Thank god for these brilliant roof tops after a day in the souk. .

marrakech skyline







Flew into Essaouira this morning for a few days relaxation and creative space. Working on a new ceramic serie and where is better to do it than in this relaxing old beautiful city. Essaouira is the place where artists like Jimmy Henricks and Cat Stevens used to hang out in. It is a great alternative to Marrakech, much smaller, it is by the sea, even though the water is always cold and it tends to be windy it is still a great place to hang out for a few days. The wind has its bonuses for all people that like surfing too.

For shopping, there is most things here to buy. Carpets, antiques, ceramic. Less to offer than Marrakech and tend to be a little more expensive.

For me its great to get away from busy Marrakech. I flew from Sweden via London with easy jet. The ticket was 30€ one way!! Try to beat that!!

So today  I went to the beach, hang out with some fishermen, walked around the city and started relaxing into the creative side of a new ceramic collection. Berber inspiration. Coming out in the fall.



Vi är så passionerat förälskade i vår giftfria keramik. Om du är en häslofreak precis som vi som ligger steget före i vad hälsovården förbjuder så är denna toppen. Innehåller inget bly vilket är dra för dej när du serverar varma drycker o mat i men framför allt för våra hantverkare som står i glasyren 8 timmar om dagen.

Läs mer om keramik här

Nu är mer av vår keramik upplagd i webshopen här.


All vår Marockanska keramik bränns på 1150 grader och innehåller en blyfri glasyr.


Yesterday I spent the whole morning at Anna Goutevas workshop in Malmö. Anna is a talented and very inspiring florist with deep knowledge about Flowers, planting and perfect combinations. She fell in love with our new Comptoire serie and I again fell in love with her beautiful workshop at Saltimporten.

gouteva 1

We talked about dimensions of a perfect pot and what shapes and designs compliments the plants and flowers. In general a pot should be one third of the plant. Some pot we found wonderful quirky combinations. Such as our Nomad ceramic from Sahara. Got to love these green pots handmade by a nomad family in the desert. My favorit place to be.



Some of our pots just landed beautifully on Annas shelves. Don’t they just look great!!

gouteva 2

Tonight Annas workshop is open for an inspirational night. This time it is fully booked but keep an eye out for future events.

Thanks Anna for a great inspiring morning. It was just lovely to hear your thoughts and share your expertise on flowers pots and combinations.




We have made som vital changes to Moroccan ceramic.

Since two years back we have been revolutionalizing Moroccan ceramic together with our talented ceramic producer in Morocco. Moroccan ceramic is traditionally from a clay burned at a very low temperature, which means that a lot of the lead naturally in the clay is still there when the product is finished, it aslo means that the finished ceramic will crack and still be very fragile. It also means that the artisan workers will be inhaling a lot of lead from the traditionally used ceramic glaze.

This is all how NOMADIC  ceramic is different:

We have imported a European clay by ourselves to Morocco which is now used in our our own production. The clay is burned at 1150 degrees The result:

06-a product that does not chip easily

-a product that does not crack or become damaged when you drink coffee from it.

-a product that is dishwasher and micro safe.

-a beautifully naturally white colour where no colour is added to the product before painting.

–  most of all we are happy to announce that the workers don’t have to be exposed to toxins anymore. which is one step towards our goal of a safer and healthier work environment in the production.

So out of they clay we now produce all or our ceramic. Some traditionally moroccan and some scandinavian design. It may look like other moroccan ceramic but for sure it is very different.

View our full catalog here NOMADIC ESSENTIALS

We also pro due a beautiful range of Moroccan bathroom sinks from this clay.

So visit our bathroom store