Now is the time to act!

We are increasing our contribution this year!

Christmas is coming up and we feel so strongly that now is the time to act. To serve and show that we care!

The nomadic children of Sahara are facing u huge cultural, economical and political gap. They are so far behind when it comes to opportunities in this world. We want to help them bridge that gap and we need your help.

What we do: We are offering 50% of our profit on our web shop directly to this community. This means that every christmas present bought in the shop between now and 19th december will not only serve the world through sustainable production with equal wages, project development and a cross cultural engagement it will also serve the nomads charity by getting 50% of your sale.

Thats what we call win-win!

We are also selling our beautiful bracelets where 40 kr per bracelet goes to the project.

So your question is what happens to the money? We are 100% committed to this small hands on project. We work with 3 local teachers in the desert near Merzouga. The guys does a wonderful job at giving the nomads an opportunity for education but they are limited. We will support them by buying books, pens, papers. We will also support them by brining warm clothes and some toys.

Lets bridge the gap in the world!

We guarantee you that all material will be bought by us and handed to the student directly. There is no middle hands, no administration costs, no pockets on the way.

We hope that you will help us with this generous contribution to the world. May we all one day live together in peace!



Morocco is known all over the world for its magnificent luxury, palace like interiors. Places with artful  homes and hotels with superb comfort and every lush detail you can possibly imagine. 1001 nights, Casablanca, Yves saint Laurent are some of the things we associate with Morocco.

But somehow the truth very often looks different. As in all of Africa most people live a very simple life.

I love hanging out with the people that we work with. I love getting to know their wives and their families. I love sitting eating a home cooked tajine on a simple cushion. 10 family members on the floor round a huge plate of couscous. But never even have I come across a moroccan that has a home like any of what we see in these amazing pictures in the guidebook. Even the people with a little bit more money.

My theory about the moroccan world famous style is that it is a adaptation from Spain and Provence. The moroccans don’t even like the style we see as moroccan.

Welcome to see what the reality looks like for many Moroccans. One or two rooms, small spaces, a few carpets and cushions on the floor, One cabinet of things for the whole family. No  mather how poor always a TV though or two or three. And wonderful Moroccan ceramic…. no. check out food picture, this guy works in one of our best ceramic factories and can afford it all but eats on made in china plastic. And in the ceiling there is often just one light bulb hanging down in the cord so no moroccan artisana fairy tale lamps.

Love this though. Love my life here. from luxury hotels to simple life. And keep supporting us. We always try to inspire our workers to make their dream homes, enough comfort, safe and healthy and most of all owning their own for financial freedom.



Varför jag säljer mattor när jag jobbar med socialt ansvars full handel?? Jo. I bergen där mattorna en gång är producerade är befolkningen fortfarande väldigt fattiga. Mattorna, nyproducerade och antika är ett perfekt sätt för dem att kunna bo kvar i sin landsbyggs men kunna tjäna en bra försörjning. Så jag reser upp i bergen, handlar direkt från kvinnorna. De får mycket mer än om en lokal uppköpare hade köpt dem, dvs mellanhanden, jag får första chinch på de bästa mattorna eftersom jag betalar mer och ni kan därmed köpa fina äkta Benis och samtidigt veta att pengarna går till behövande människor.

Just nu fler mattor utlagda i shoppen.

Marockanska mattor


Woke up at six this morning. Did a wonderful strong yoga session. Ahh feeling blissful. Listened to a wonderful seminar on heart communications by Christian Pankhurst If you want to improve your relationships check him out. Seminars are a great way to set your mental state for the day. 10-15 minutes for boosting your mind and energy field.

Sid woke up in his own time and we have a joyful morning dance on the kitchen carpet. laughing so hard, imagining dinosaurs on the loft and we were escaping dancers. How is that for getting creativity going 🙂

Now breakfast and cartoons on the big cushions.

No time to catch, no time to waste no doing just joyful living. Modern day NOMAD.